Posting rules

Job Posting Guidelines

1. Only “One job per post”. If you have multiple jobs to offer, please create separate post for every jobs.

2. Submit job in Bahasa Malaysia or English only.

3. No duplicates. You are not allowed to post same job twice, even if they are put in different categories. Expired job can be relisted from your dashboard.

4. Post in relevant category. If you have any problems with this, please contact us.

5. Posts that are design to promote your business will be removed. Only actual hiring posts are allowed. No spamming

6. Please provide a correct email address in your account. All job applications through the apply online option will be sent to provided email address.

7. No discrimination in job post based on gender, religion, age, race or graduate from certain institution. Language requirement will also be review whether it is relevant or not.

  • Example of non compliance description: [ Male only, Woman only, Malay only, Preferable Chinese, Preferable Indian, Preferable Muslim, Mandarin speaker only (non relevance position), UEC graduate only etc ]
  • Or any form of discrimination or intent of discrimination based on our judgement which are not limited to example above

8. Ads related to the following types of jobs are not allowed:

  • Home business schemes, work-at-home schemes, get-rich-quick schemes, and any unverified schemes.
  • Multi-level-marketing or pyramid selling.
  • Escort / Adult industry work.
  • Medical trial.
  • Gambling related jobs.
  • Liquor related jobs.
  • Any jobs that break any laws in Malaysia.
  • Gig business advertisement (eg. food delivery rider, car pool service etc)

9.  We will also “Reject” post with insufficient details such as “NO JOB DESCRIPTION”, “NO LOCATION” (unless it is stated as remote work position), “NO JOB REQUIREMENT” without prior notice.

All posts will be monitored by our staff. We reserve the right to edit or remove any ads from our site at any time and without prior notice. Any job ads that violate our rules will be removed immediately and no refund will be issued.